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LeoLSI has been accumulating plentiful knowhow for Analog IP design including Converters, High Speed Interface, PLL, OSC and PMICs, through over 10 years IP design experience on various foundry sites. LeoLSI has the ability to accelerate the IP development ,integration for smaller size and lower power, which can specialize, optimize customers applications and requirements accordingly.

Data Converter(ADC / DAC) IPs

Our data converter includes general purpose ADCs, DACs and special function data converters designed for wide range of application.

High Speed Interface(HSI) IPs

LeoLSI has experienced HSI PHY design of MiPi, eDP, HDMI, etc. with specialized engineers who can collaborate from spec. targetting to mass production supports.

Clock Generator(PLL / OSC) IPs

Various PLL design experience not only general purpose but also high speed for specific applications and OSCs for use as watch-god timers and system clock generator for MCUs.

Other IPs

Power management IPs are developed including Power-On Reset generator (POR), Low Drop Out Voltage Regulator(LDO), and Programmable gain amplifiers. Also we have experienced special IP design based on customer requirement.

Various foundry vendor experience

LeoLSI has experienced various foundry sites by porting standard and customized Analog IPs to many customer products.
Converter IPs
High Speed Interface IPs
Other IPs
3.3V to 1.8V, 120mA LDO with POR
<a href='/product/ip.php?ptype=view&prdcode=1908160021&page=2&catcode=11000000'>3.3V to 1.8V, 120mA LDO with POR</a>
  • <a href='/product/ip.php?ptype=view&prdcode=1908160021&page=2&catcode=11000000'>3.3V to 1.8V, 120mA LDO with POR</a> 1번 상세이미지 썸네일

3.3V to 1.8V, 120mA LDO with POR


Key Featrues

  • TSMC 0.18um CMOS technology
  • 2.7V to 3.3V input supply voltage range
  • Output voltage : 1.8V(±50mV accuracy)
  • Embedded POR bolck
  • Low power comsumption : <30uA
  • Support several power mode : normal mode(120mA load), idle mode(3mA load), Power down mode(no load)
  • 120mA Max. load current
  • Under 50mV load transient response
  • 60us voltage settling time
  • Support output voltage trimming(<20mV)
  • Operating temperature : -40°C ~ 125°C
Analog High Speed PWM
<a href='/product/ip.php?ptype=view&prdcode=1908160020&page=2&catcode=11000000'>Analog High Speed PWM</a>
  • <a href='/product/ip.php?ptype=view&prdcode=1908160020&page=2&catcode=11000000'>Analog High Speed PWM</a> 1번 상세이미지 썸네일

Analog High Speed PWM


Key Features

  • PWM performance : 6bit 80MHz pulse rate, 5bit 80 ~ 100MHz pulse rate
  • 4 independent PWM channels
  • Up to 6bit pulse width resolution
  • Minimum pulse width of LVDS and LVTTL : 3.125ns@20MHz, 2.5ns@37 ~ 100MHz
  • Video edge position error to 1/64th of a clock
  • Phase-correction between video output and horizontal synchronization to 1/4th of a video clock
  • Horizontal margin control : right aligned / Left aligned / Centered position / Center inversion
  • 1.1V for internal, 3.3V for LVTTL and LVDS
  • Operating temperature : 0°C ~ 70°C
Differential Sine-Wave Generator
<a href='/product/ip.php?ptype=view&prdcode=1908160019&page=2&catcode=11000000'>Differential Sine-Wave Generator</a>
  • <a href='/product/ip.php?ptype=view&prdcode=1908160019&page=2&catcode=11000000'>Differential Sine-Wave Generator</a> 1번 상세이미지 썸네일

Differential Sine-Wave Generator


Key Features

  • 2.8V peak to peak Sine-waveform generator
  • 0.5V ~ 2.8V, Programmable amplitude
  • 70 ~ 480MHz, Programmable frequency
  • Differential output
  • 3V single power supply
  • Internal voltage reference
LED Driver with charge-pump
<a href='/product/ip.php?ptype=view&prdcode=1908160018&page=2&catcode=11000000'>LED Driver with charge-pump</a>
  • <a href='/product/ip.php?ptype=view&prdcode=1908160018&page=2&catcode=11000000'>LED Driver with charge-pump</a> 1번 상세이미지 썸네일

LED Driver with charge-pump


Key Features

  • Operating Voltage : 3.3V ±5%
  • LED driver current : 22mA ~ 66mA
  • LED current rise/fall time : 10us(typ)
  • Charge pump circuit generate the necessary voltage for LED(Vfmax 4.8V)
  • On-chip oscillator for charge pump circuit : 2MHz typ
  • Power AVDD : 3.135V ~ 3.465V
5V Programmable Gain Amplifier
<a href='/product/ip.php?ptype=view&prdcode=1908160010&page=2&catcode=11000000'>5V Programmable Gain Amplifier</a>
  • <a href='/product/ip.php?ptype=view&prdcode=1908160010&page=2&catcode=11000000'>5V Programmable Gain Amplifier</a> 1번 상세이미지 썸네일

5V Programmable Gain Amplifier


Key Features

  • Samsung 100nm(LF6) CMOS technology
  • wide operating range
    • AVDD : 2.7V to 5.5V
  • Gain step from 2.5 to 10 & unit gain
  • Input range
    • AVDD*0.04 to AVDD*0.36 @gain=2.5
    • AVDD*0.02 to AVDD*0.18 @gain=5.0
    • AVDD*0.01 to AVDD*0.09 @gain=10.0
  • 16 channel single-ended inputs
  • Gain error :
    • ±2.0% @gain 2.5 ~ 4.5
    • ±3.0% @gain 5.0 ~ 6.667
    • ±5.0% @gain 8.0 ~ 10.0
  • Power consumption
    • 5.0V supply : 6.0mW(typ)
  • Power down current : <0.1uA(typ)
  • Under mass production at Samsung LF6 process