LeoLSI has been developed application specific standard products that customers need with over 10 years of experience and trust as Analog and Digital IP solution provider. We will continue to develop competitive and specialized new products to meet customer needs. 

8bit & 32bit MCUs (Micro Controller Unit)

LeoLSI is providing various customer-oriented product line-up of 8bit and 32bit MCU that has cost effective and fine tuned features according to customer needs. 

ROIC (Read-out IC) for Complex Environments

LeoLSI developed a small, low-power complex environmental sensor ROIC that can read out environmental information such as temperature, humidity, and gas to respond the market requirement that is increasingly adopting low-power, ultra-small sensor-based systems.

AFE & LVDS Converters for MFP (Multi Function Printer)

LeoLSI has several solutions for MFP market. LeoLSI  has product line-up including LVDS (Low Voltage Differential Signaling) Receivers and AFE (Analog Front End) products for CIS. These products are proven by major customer and delivered with competitive price.

Photo ICs

LeoLSI is under promotion new own product such as Interrupter and Encoder. LeoLSI has various product line-up such as DC (Direct Current) Interrupter, Light Modulation (LM) Interrupter, Encoder IC, etc. We are also developing various new products to expand business to OA and Industrial area.
8bit & 32bit MCUs
AFE & LVDS Converters for MFP
Photo ICs
LAFE2001 : Complex Environments ROIC
<a href='/product/assp.php?ptype=view&prdcode=1909160001&page=1&catcode=12110000'>LAFE2001 : Complex Environments ROIC</a>
  • <a href='/product/assp.php?ptype=view&prdcode=1909160001&page=1&catcode=12110000'>LAFE2001 : Complex Environments ROIC</a> 1번 상세이미지 썸네일

LAFE2001 : Complex Environments ROIC


Key Features

  • 2-Ch capacitance inputs or 1-Ch capacitance input and differential capacitance input
  • Maximum input capacitance : 280pF
  • Programmable capacitance span and offset
  • Conversion speed : Max 2KHz (@10 bit mode, 2MHz)
  • Supply voltage : 2.3V to 5.5V
  • Operation temperature : -40℃~125℃
  • Temp. Sensor resolution : 0.1℃/1 LSB@12-b mode