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Analog High Speed PWM
  • Analog High Speed PWM 1번 상세이미지 썸네일

Analog High Speed PWM


Key Featrues

  • PWM performance : 6bit 80MHz pulse rate, 5bit 80 ~ 100MHz pulse rate

  • 4 independent PWM channels

  • Upto 6bit pulse width resolution

  • Minimum pulse widthof LVDS and LVTTL : 3.125ns@20MHz, 2.5ns@37 ~ 100MHz

  • Video edge position error to 1/64th of a clock

  • Phase-correction between video output and horizonatal synchronization to 1/4th of a video clock

  • Horizontal margin control : right aligned / Left aligned / Centered position / Center inversion

  • 1.1V for internal, 3.3V for LVTTL and LVDS

  • Operating temperature : 0°C ~ 70°C